Malays, Indians more open than Chinese to offspring dating outside their race: survey

Yahoo News Singapore file photo

Indians and Malays in Singapore are comfortable with their children and grandchildren dating outside of their race while the Chinese are a little less so, according to a new survey.

The Institute of Policy Studies-Channel NewsAsia (IPS-CNA) survey showed that about 90 per cent of Indians and Malays aged 21-25 year-olds were open to their offspring dating outside of their race. By comparison, only 66.5 per cent and 62 per cent of Chinese respondents in the same age group were comfortable with their offspring dating Malays and Indians, respectively.

Overall, respondents preferred their children or grandchildren to date Chinese or Caucasians. Around 95 per cent of respondents were comfortable with their offspring dating Chinese persons and 75 per cent were open to them going out with Caucasians.

However, only 65 per cent and 61 per cent of those polled were fine with their progeny being in a relationship with Malays and Indians, respectively.

The IPS-CNA survey of some 2,000 odd Singaporeans and permanent residents, conducted this year, aimed to study what Singaporeans felt were core identity markers of the main ethnic groups in the country. It also examined the extent of their understanding of and engagement with other ethnic cultures, among others.

Of the respondents, 94 per cent are Singaporeans and the rest are PRs. The racial proportions among the respondents closely mirrored that of the general population.