Malaysia Airlines issues apology over in-flight mag pork pic (that was actually beef)

Malaysia’s national carrier, Malaysia Airlines, issued an apology yesterday after much ado about nothing was made of a photo published in their in-flight magazine, Going Places.

Advertising a restaurant in one of the carrier’s destinations, the image showcased foods from the establishment. Pretty much the standard fare when you’re showing a restaurant.

Faster than you can say “one-way ticket, please,” local NGOs began posing photos of the “offending” restaurant on social media, claiming that not only was MAS showing photos of pork (they weren’t), but that they were being insensitive to the majority of Malaysians who are Muslim, and do not eat pork.

Taking to their Twitter account, they clarified:

“In the advertisement… the January edition of Going Places published restaurants that provide variety of foods which are part of the menu.”

“The images featured slices of Wagyu beef and cuttlefish. Just like other lifestyle magazines, the review of the restaurant was meant to promote the eateries for passengers all over the world.”

They also apologized, saying they had no intention to offend any party — essentially saying sorry for something that never was, apologizing for other’s unfounded claims, assumptions and propagation of fake news.

Ok, MAS — new year, kinder you — we get it, but this is a bit much, don’t you think?

Netizens agreed, with many Muslims arguing that it was not against their religion to look at photos of pork, and that had the images been of pork — there was no reason to be up in arms.

Others highlighted that other religions could be offended by photos of prohibited food, and if we are to be sensitive to one, we should expect to be sensitive to all.

There were of course, the naysayers, firmly standing behind apologies for acts that never happened.

Right — it’s 2019 — surely we’ve got bigger issues than getting offended over things that never happened? Why don’t we use this collective concern over food to get to the issues that really matter — like bringing back the superior nasi lemak from yesteryear on MAS flights — how about that?


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