‘Malaysia’s hottest DJ’ Leng Yein alleges abuse, posts bloody photos on Facebook

By Jordan Barnes
One of the photos shared by Leng Yein on her Facebook page.

PETALING JAYA, March 23 — Female DJ Leng Yein wrote an emotional post on Facebook today accompanied by pictures of her looking bruised and bloodied, alleging that this was the result of physical abuse at the hands of an ex-boyfriend.

In the lengthy post, Yein said the person, whom she described as “powerful” and “a lawyer,” had been violent towards her in their two-year relationship.

She detailed verbal threats made by her ex, including a suggestion that he could kill Yein and her sister, Leng Sean, a local social media influencer.

The pictures posted suggest she had suffered a head wound, which bloodied her hands and hair. Others showed bruises and cuts to her face as well as limbs.

Just hours earlier, the DJ famous for undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries, including breast enhancements, had live-streamed an argument with her partner that lasted over 10 minutes.

The pair yelled at each other before Yein locked herself in the bedroom and broke down in tears.

She wrote status updates seemingly in distress, pleading with her three million followers through messages, such as “Help me” and “He locked my Wi-Fi help me”.

However, the photos of her injuries that she shared do not appear to be current.

For instance, the image of her head wound showed her with her hair dyed blonde. Her hair is pink in the “live” video.

“I am not afraid of the TRUTH. This is NOT LOVE. Domestic violence is NOT RIGHT,” she later wrote.

The 33-year-old explained on Facebook that she broke up with her boyfriend before undergoing surgery recently.

Yein flew to Taiwan for an operation after apparently having a severe allergic reaction to eating seafood in Singapore two weeks ago.

She said she returned home to find the man still living there.

Yein is considered a popular female DJ in Malaysia and is prominent for her physical appearance, which has also helped propel her to fame in the region.

Along with a fashion line and various other ventures in the entertainment industry, she was a 2003 Miss Malaysia finalist when she was 18.