Malaysia relaxes VEP enforcement due to RFID installation issues

Radzi Razak
The Transport Ministry says authorities will not perform Vehicle Entry Permit (VET) checks at ‘peak hours’ until further notice. — AFP pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 — Authorities will not perform Vehicle Entry Permit (VET) checks at “peak hours” until further notice, the Transport Ministry (MoT) said when acknowledging complaints about installation headaches for the needed tags.

Without specifying what constituted peak hours, it said this deferment would apply at the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) and Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar (KSAB) entry points from Singapore.

“In light of several issues made known to themMinistry including the difficulties to get appointment for RFID Tag installation, the ministry will defer enforcement of VEP on all outbound traffic at both KSAB and BSI during peak-hour traffic operation until further notice,” said the statement today.

Malaysia announced in 2017 that all foreign-registered vehicles entering the country will require the VEP, which it said was meant to tackle car theft and cloning syndicates as well as prevent vehicles with outstanding fines from leaving the country.

In April, the ministry said that the VEP will be enforced from October after the grace period for foreign motorists to install the necessary equipment.

However, Singaporean commuters have raised problems such as difficulty in arranging for the tags to be installed.

Issues such as the lack of appointment slots for equipment installation, unreliable websites and unresponsive helplines added to the frustration to drivers trying to register for VEP.

Today, the ministry announced it will open an additional fitment centre (FC) at KSAB in addition to those at Gelang Patah Southbound RnR, Plaza Angsana open carpark, Pandan RnR and Lima Kedai Toll Plaza in Johor to help with the registration.

“The ministry hope that with the opening of this additional FC and this deferment, all foreign vehicles owners will take this opportunity to immediately register and get the RFID Tag installed to avoid any difficulties to commute in and out of Malaysia in the future,” it said.

MOT is also currently studying the proposal to implement VEP at the Malaysia-Brunei border as well.

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