Malaysian convicted of murder in Kallang slashings executed this morning in Changi Prison

Michael Anak Garing — the 30-year-old Malaysian found guilty of murder during a violent spree of armed robberies here in 2010 — has been executed this morning at Changi Prison.

Bernama reported that the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore confirmed that the man was hanged this morning, and his remains are expected to be transported to Sarawak tomorrow.

Michael had previously been found guilty of murder in 2015, which he later repealed, only to have his conviction confirmed by the courts again in 2017.

Born in the town of Kapit, his remains will be flown to Sibu Airport tomorrow. The High Commission told Malaysian news agency Bernama that they are currently trying to assist his family.

Earlier this week, both of Michael’s elderly parents had petitioned for clemency from the Singapore government, trying to commute his sentence from a death penalty to life imprisonment instead.

Non-governmental organization Amnesty International has also condemned Singapore for putting Michael on death row and called for the immediate halt to the execution.

Their pleas fell on deaf ears. Ensiring Anak Garman and Garing Anak Kanyan are said to be devastated with their son’s death.

While in prison, reports have emerged that Michael converted to Islam, and had changed his name to Muhammad Arif Sufi.

In 2010, Michael took part in a gang robbery on the island’s Kallang Road. During the incident, a 41-year-old construction worker, Shanmuganathan Dillidurai was killed, and three other individuals were seriously injured.

Although the heavy arm of the law came down on Michael, ultimately seeking his own life in retribution for the victim’s death, his three other accomplices were convicted with lighter sentences. Tony Imba received a life sentence, and 24 strokes of the cane, and Hairee Landak was given a 33-year prison term, as well as 24 strokes of the cane. Another man, Donny Meluda went on the run from police, successfully avoiding them for six years before being caught. He too was given a 33-year sentence, and 24 strokes.


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