Malaysian family orders 600 plates of meat at a hotpot, just to bring it home

Hotpots have enjoyed sustained popularity for quite a while now. However, a recent incident left a hotpot owner baffled. A Malaysian family made headlines when they ordered 600 plates of meat at a local hotpot, only to take it all home!

Malaysia hotpot incident - CCTV

The proprietor of the hotpot establishment in Bintulu, Sarawak, shared this peculiar incident on Facebook after reviewing the CCTV footage on 10 Oct 2023. The family, consisting of 3 adults and 2 children, took advantage of the ‘Happy Hour’ all-you-can-eat promotion at Husky Billion Steamboat & BBQ. During this special offer, they ordered a whopping 250 plates of pork and 350 plates of lamb.

Malaysian Hotpot Incident

Remarkably, the bill for their indulgent feast amounted to RM163.30, and it’s noteworthy that each adult was billed at RM39.42, while each child’s charge was RM26.82. The billing was not based on the quantity of meat plates ordered, which allowed the family to exploit a loophole in the system.

However, their attempt to outsmart the system ultimately met with consequences when the restaurant owner discovered their unusual dining escapade.

The owner of the hotpot restaurant, known as Zhang Zhongjie, informed China Press that he initially extended the benefit of the doubt to the family upon seeing their order. Despite their surprising request, the restaurant’s staff and owner decided to accommodate them, believing that the family had hearty appetites.

However, upon closer inspection, Zhang realised this was not the situation, as the CCTV footage revealed the family hastily stowing the meat into plastic bags.

“I believe they had planned to do this beforehand as the CCTV showed the kids stuffing the meat into plastic bags underneath the table. Were they planning to bring it back home to cook?” said Zhang.

Malaysian Hotpot Incident - FB post

Furthermore, Zhang also mentioned that 1 of the family members had been a frequent patron at his hotpot restaurant. He harbours suspicions that this might not be the first instance of this customer engaging in such unethical behaviour.

To support this claim, he uncovered evidence that they had previously ordered 400 plates of meat in August the previous year.

“The person involved has come to me for mediation privately today and is willing to compensate me for my losses. However, I have told me that this is not a matter of money. I am more worried about the education of the other party’s children, so I do not plan to disclose their appearance. For now, I’m considering whether to report the crime.”

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