Malaysian father sets 'No Boyfriend Until After Graduation' pact with daughters

He emphasises that the prohibition on boyfriends remains in effect until they have successfully completed their Diploma or Degree.

A screenshot of a TikTok video with a malay man and his daughters
The young father sets a "No Boyfriend Until After Graduation" pact with his young daughters. (Photo: @abah_double_sumayyah/TikTok)

In a recent TikTok video that rapidly gained traction, a Malaysian father showcased his knack for creative parenting with a heart-warming twist.

The viral video, posted by TikTok user @abah_double_sumayyah, centres around the father's introduction of a "No Boyfriend Until After Graduation" pact to his young daughters.

The video unfolds the father earnestly explaining the rationale behind this unique agreement.

He underscores the significance of setting ground rules with his daughters at their tender age, ensuring that these agreements serve as guiding principles as they grow older.

As he playfully says in the video, "It's important to establish agreements with them at this age, so that when they grow up, we can hold them to it".

As the video progresses, the father engages with his daughters, seeking their understanding and agreement.

In a light-hearted manner, he emphasises that the prohibition on boyfriends remains in effect until they have successfully completed their Diploma or Degree. Their playful nods of agreement add a delightful touch to the scene.

He asks his daughters, "Until after you’ve graduated, okay? Not Form 5, this is after you complete your Diploma or Degree, do you understand? So, once you’ve completed that, then you both can have boyfriends. Can?”

To further solidify this "contract," the father ensures that his daughters actively participate by signing the agreement and shaking hands.

Internet reacts to video

The video's reception by internet users touched on the blend of humour and heart in this parental moment.

Comments from viewers reflect a mix of nostalgia, amusement, and appreciation for the father's parenting style.

As one commenter jokingly remarked, "Maybe when I was a kid, I signed this sort of agreement too! That’s why I’m single until now."

With over 800,000 views and more than 92,000 likes at the time of writing, it's clear that this heart-warming video struck a chord with audiences.

Another viewer noted, “This gonna be in their core memory. Keep doing something like this hahaha.”

Meanwhile, some viewers couldn't resist a playful jab, with one commenter joking, “This agreement is not valid because they are underaged.”

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