Malaysian fried chicken vendor drops his iPhone into a pot of hot oil and it’s not a stunt

The iPhone has undergone numerous improvements over time, both in terms of processing speed and robustness. For instance, the most recent iPhone 13 models can withstand submersion in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of six metres.

Fried chicken vendor Zaiem Ainn from Penang, Malaysia, recently dropped his iPhone 13 Pro into a pot of hot oil.

However, aside from some minor speaker damage, the phone was largely undamaged when Zaiem pulled it back out.

The man is a fried chicken vendor in Penang. In the TikTok clip, he was seen explaining to viewers how he goes about deep frying chicken.

As he was recording, he accidentally dropped his phone into the pot of hot oil as he brought it forward to get a better look.

Then, quickly reaching in, he pulled out his phone, hoping it was unharmed.

The video then jumps to another scene where the TikTok user is testing his phone in his car to make sure it isn’t broken.

The sound was slightly muffled, but the camera quality seemed unaffected, and the phone appeared to be in good condition.

Zaeim appeared overjoyed that his phone had not been damaged despite being dropped into the pot of hot oil. He even jokingly captioned the video “goreng iPhone,” as if his phone had fried.

Are you an iPhone user and would you try this out?


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