Malaysian influencer slammed for turning friend’s burial into IG stories

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A Malaysian influencer is under fire today for uploading a video of his friend’s funeral that featured him in a starring role yesterday.

The three-minute video opens with a very fashionably dressed Hafiz Mahamad strutting through an airport then cuts to him crying over a shrouded body, driving a funeral van, leading funeral prayers, and lowering the body into a grave. The entire time, the camera’s focus is on Hafiz. He also shared some short clips to Instagram stories.

“At the airport, my tears kept flowing. I love and miss my friend,” the 27-year-old Instagrammer wrote in the caption.

The deceased, identified only as “Loh,” was said to have suffered a stroke in September and died yesterday at his home. Hafiz said he found out about his friend’s death via a phone call from a family member and hopped on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kelantan for the funeral procession.

But people were quick to call him out as a “narcissist,” saying the video was “insensitive” and “out of place.”

“Only Hafiz Mahamad can make other people’s death ALL ABOUT HIMSELF lmao talk about the disrespect, insensitive and so out of place?!! READ THE ROOM, narcissist,” @Snugdeal3r wrote today on Twitter.

Hafiz had not responded to an email from Coconuts KL seeking comment as of publication time.

Others questioned if it was proper to film someone’s interment.

“If a family member dies, is it appropriate for our friends to shoot a video?” @IniAlannn asked.

Hafiz, who also owns local cosmetics brand Ainaa Beauty, has yet to publicly respond to the criticism. He earlier said it was his first time leading prayers at a funeral.

“This is my first time leading the funeral prayers. The imam (religious leader) encouraged me to do so, since there is sorrow in my heart as I am the deceased’s good friend,” he said in an Instagram story today.

Some people said they personally wouldn’t want their funeral turned into someone’s social media story.

“After watching Hafiz Mahamad’s IG stories, I can’t help but feel a certain way. I know he has good intentions but if I die, I hope my friends don’t document the whole process,” @AreeshaMunira wrote online.

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