Malaysian lecturer gains Twitter fame for schooling errant students

Tan Mei Zi
Alif Amir's self-portraits on Twitter earned him a hilarious remark from his lecturer. — Picture via Twitter/amiralifmusic

PETALING JAYA, Aug 15 — Bad habits are hard to break, but a lecturer may have just the trick to teach his students a lesson when it comes to being late for class, or even procrastinating over assignments.

Budding singer Amir Alif, for one, got a surprising reply from his social media savvy lecturer on Twitter after sharing a bunch of self-portraits of himself looking deep in thought.

“Sometimes I think to myself, why was I born handsome?” Amir joked in his initial post.

His lecturer, who goes by the handle @shmlhzm, chanced upon the tweet and proceeded to call out his student in one fell swoop.

“No use being handsome if you always show up to my class late every week!” he said.

The humourous tweet has gone viral with more than 5,600 retweets and 4,700 likes so far.



Amir’s lecturer then issued a disclaimer vouching for his student’s good behaviour despite his constant tardiness.

“Even though he is consistently late, he is a good student who completes his assignments.

“My tweet was just a joke, so please don’t hate on him.”

Amir isn’t the first student to get exposed by the young educator for failing to adhere to timetables and deadlines.

A fellow classmate named Raisa Khaulah was also called out by the same lecturer after posting a video of herself role-playing as a news anchor.

“Of course you would hand in your assignment late, you’re too busy recording yourself on Twitter,” wrote @shmlhzm.


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