Malaysian man had no time to buy a cake for wife’s birthday, gets her a burger instead

Melanie Chalil
The touching gesture even grabbed the attention of cake company Secret Recipe. – Picture via Twitter/@ammnslhn

PETALING JAYA, Nov 26 — A husband who didn’t have enough time to buy his wife a birthday cake brought new meaning to the phrase “it’s the thought that counts”.

The unidentified Malaysian man swapped the usual baked treat for a burger when he found himself rushing home for his spouse’s special day.

In lieu of candles and a sweet slice, the man had asked an eatery to takeaway the fast-food item in a Styrofoam box with a birthday message written using a red marker.

The hilarious yet heart-warming story was shared by a friend of the restaurant’s staff.

“Guys out there who are married, please cherish your wife.

“Today my schoolmate who’s working at a western eatery got a customer he didn’t have time to buy his wife a cake so he ordered a burger for her,” wrote @ammnslhn on Twitter.

@ammnslhn added that the story tugged at his heartstrings.



The now-viral tweet which was posted on Sunday has garnered over 29,000 retweets and 27,000 likes.

Social media users gushed over the man’s sincere gesture with many praising his dedication and last-minute creativity.



“Bless you, sir. May you always be happy,” wrote @uihikari.

“How sweet. These days it’s hard to find someone so loyal at this age. You hear stories of beautiful wives who get divorced by their husbands,” lamented @fatimahshalwina.







The viral tweet also prompted a reply from popular bakery and café chain Secret Recipe, who wanted to give the man and his wife a birthday treat.

In an update today, the cake company said it managed to identify the couple and added they will be dropping the Sungai Petani outlet on Saturday.


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