Malaysian politician says women should be in cute packages, if not they will be less valuable

Bold, provocative, distasteful. Dr Azman Ibrahim, a leader from Islamist party PAS, likened women to “items” in a recent social media post.

Clearly lacking in both wit and intelligence, the Jabi assemblyperson argued that “packaging” determines the value of an “item”, suggesting that the more a woman is covered up, the more valuable she becomes (which is of course, a ton of bullsh*t)

The “doctor”, whose only defense for his argument seems to be misogyny, then goes on to suggest that women who “expose” themselves are like counterfeit items sold by the roadside, “fake and cheap”.

Ibrahim was commenting on Bentong member of parliament Young Shefura’s recent statement urging the police force to stop “morally policing” the public and carry out their responsibilities impartially and without discrimination.

Her remarks came in response to a recent incident in which a woman was turned away from a lodging police report at the Kajang police station because she was wearing shorts. 

His misogyny, however, did not go unchecked and many were quick to call him out on it.

Women are not items, prick

What do you think of what was said by the politician? Let us know in the comments.


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