Malaysians entering Thailand must observe new rulings


PADANG BESAR: Malaysians who lose the barcodes on declaration forms for vehicles to be taken into Thailand risk a RM2,000 fine imposed by the Thai authorities.

According to Titi Tinggi state assemblyman Khaw Hock Kong in the Padang Besar parliamentary constituency, the new ruling was implemented by the Thai authorities in mid-March.

“I understand that each vehicle to be taken to Thailand must be declared to the customs and immigration departments, including the number of passengers, which was previously not practised.

“A barcode would be posted on the declaration form. Drivers who lose the barcode will not be allowed to leave unless they pay a fine of RM2,000,” he told reporters here today.

He said he was informed that many Malaysians who entered Thailand through Padang Besar in their own vehicles were not aware of this ruling and were warned by the Thai authorities during the early stages of the implementation.

“I want to advise our people to observe the laws of that country so that they do not face any problem, including having their vehicles impounded,” said Khaw.

On the issue of Malaysia-Thailand border gateways opened round-the-clock, he said the feedback he obtained showed the majority of people in Padang Besar did not agree with the proposal.

He said they felt the move would only create more problems to the country when the issue of security should be the priority.

Currently, the border gateways are opened from 6am to 10pm. --BERNAMA