Housekeeper terrifies couple after accidentally cleaning their whole house: 'You can't make this up'

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A New Jersey cleaner was asked to clean a friend’s coworker’s home, but one typo set off a hilarious chain of events.

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Louis Angelino III took to TikTok to share the now-viral incident. The 27-year-old from South Jersey works at a liquor store, but his side hustle is cleaning homes. A friend said their coworker needed their apartment cleaned, and Angelino agreed to do the job.

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When he arrived, he followed the instructions as planned. He took a key from under the mat, went inside and spent two hours completing the gig. He even fed the person’s cat.

“So [the coworker] calls me, and he’s like, ‘Where are you?’ I’m like, ‘I’m in your living room waiting for you to walk in. I’m playing with your cat.’ He goes, ‘Man, I don’t have a cat,” Angelino said in a TikTok.

“So come to find out that I cleaned the wrong apartment and broke in and cleaned somebody’s random apartment,” he said.

Angelino had gone to the coworker’s address, but he was off by one digit for the house number.

“You can’t make this s*** up,” he captioned the TikTok.

Meanwhile, the home in question turned out to be Beth Motzel and her husband’s.

“[My husband] called me in a panic, and he said that someone was here and they cleaned the whole place,” Motzel told

The couple later discovered a note Angelino’s friend had left explaining the situation with his phone number. Motzel and Angelino were able to get in contact with each other.

“My husband said you did a great job!” Motzel said to Angelino over text. “We will keep your info if we need a cleaner in the future.”

The mixup nabbed him nearly one million TikTok views and dubbed Angelino the “Cleaning Fairy.”

“That’s 100 percent the best name for me. I mean, the Tooth Fairy leaves you money under your pillow and after she takes your teeth away. Well, I break into your apartment, and I clean your apartment,” Angelino told

While some criticized Motzel for not paying Angelino’s cleaning fee, he was just grateful they were cool with the situation.

“A lot of people in the comment section were saying stuff along the lines of ‘I can’t believe she didn’t pay you.’ At the end of the day, I am OK with not getting paid for accidentally breaking into someone’s apartment and cleaning it because things could have been far worse,” he told “The fact that they were so cool with it was the reward in itself.”

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