Man's best friend, guarding Pulau Mataking with police, army


KUALA LUMPUR: Meet Lobo, a loyal friend of the men in blue, who also have a role to play in protecting the waters of Sabah.

The police today have expressed their gratitude towards the canine by featuring two photos of Lobo accompanying a General Operations Force (GOF) officer, who was on duty at Pulau Mataking, Semporna in Sabah.

Lobo along with three other dogs living on the island was selected to serve at the Eastern Sabah Security Zone police-army joint post to help maintain the island security.

The post read, “Thank you Lobo and the gang for being with us!”

According to the officers involved, Lobo has never failed to follow the troops as they patrolled on foot. He has been a faithful companion to officers of the GOF, Royal Malay Regiment and 14th Battalion.