Man arrested after Hong Kong shop worker killed following theft of two cans of beer

Phila Siu

A 27-year-old unemployed man has been arrested in Hong Kong in connection with the murder of a convenience store worker who was attacked after the theft of two cans of beers worth HK$31 (US$4) from his shop on Saturday evening.

Police said on Monday night that the suspect, of Pakistani descent, walked into the shop on Kik Yeung Road in Yuen Long and took the beers without paying at about 7.30pm on Saturday.

The 61-year-old male worker ran out of the shop to give chase but turned back after seeing how muscular the shoplifter was, police said.

The suspect chased after the worker, who fell to the ground and was then kicked in the head and chest multiple times. He also hit his head on the pavement during the attack.

Police arrested the suspect on Sunday afternoon. Photo: SCMP

The shop worker was seen lying unconscious on the road.

“A passer-by saw [the shop worker] bleeding heavily and called police. He was sent to Tuen Mun Hospital’s intensive care unit. He was unconscious and in critical condition at the time,” said Chief Inspector Au Yeung-tak of Yuen Long district.

The man died on Monday afternoon. Police classified the case as theft and murder.

Investigators checked CCTV footage at the scene and talked to witnesses, and police arrested the man on Kik Yeung Road on Sunday. He was still in police custody on Monday night.

Au Yeung, who believed the suspect had a triad background, did not rule out the possibility he had consumed alcohol before the incident.

Separately, police were hunting five people after a man was robbed of a six-figure sum at knifepoint in the popular shopping district of Tsim Sha Tsui at about 7pm on Monday.

Police said a man reported that three robbers made off with a “few hundred thousand dollars” that he was carrying in a bag on Ashley Road. One of the three men had a knife.

Local media reports suggested the amount stolen was about HK$500,000 but that could not be confirmed.

The three men left in a car with two others inside.

The victim sustained injuries to his right hand.

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