Man arrested over pinhole camera found in NTU toilet

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    Nationality, occupation? what was he doing there?
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    why protecting his nationality???
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    "A 21-year-old man"

    Why no nationality? Is he illegal immigrant?

    BTW, why was it discovered by an auntie in NTU and not by the majority students in the campus? This incident shows that young girls still bearing the "SG is safe" mindset and are not alert enough. They are probably too pampered and take things for granted.
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    tell us his name la, why hide?
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    Which 21-year-old man would be familiar with the toilets at NTU except an undergrad studying there? His future is in jeopardy if he is found guilty of placing that pinhole camera inside the loo.
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    Hhhmmm. .......Our court nowadays likes to used "gag order" . And all these case keeps appearing every other days .If a culprit thinks his identity would be safe guided then it's really no point for the police to even bother about such cases.
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    Nationality??? Post face please. The is the correct way... Otherwise is a fake new
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    FINE not enough, SHamm have to rewrite the law to give 10 strokes for every 100 files in the laptops.
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    wah! good investigation. Must be camera everywhere.
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    21 man? Not Singaporean man? Must be FT again.... what else!