Man assisting police probe into video of Christian preaching to Muslim kids

SOURCE: Screengrabs from video footage

A 66-year-old man is assisting the police in their investigations into a video footage of a man preaching to young Muslim schoolchildren in an attempt to convert them to Christianity.

The video footage, which surfaced on Singapore social media on Monday (18 March), shows a man passing pamphlets to young schoolchildren. He was then heard to be preaching to the boys on why they need to believe in Jesus Christ as their saviour.

Responding to Yahoo News Singapore‘s query, a police media statement released on Wednesday stated, “The police confirm that a report was lodged and a 66-year-old man is assisting police in investigations.”

In 2009, a Christian Singaporean couple were convicted for distributing evangelical publications that cast Islam in a negative light, on grounds that they promoted feelings of ill-will between Christians and Muslims.

Article 152 in the Singapore Constitution states that the government protects and safeguards the religious and cultural interests of the Malay population — the indigenous people of Singapore.

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