Man attempted to kill daughter in Marsiling after dispute over house in Malaysia

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(Yahoo News Singapore file photo)
(Yahoo News Singapore file photo)

SINGAPORE — Upset that his daughter had seemingly sold his house in Johor Bahru, a man rode on his motorcycle to Singapore for the sole purpose of killing her.

Shoo Ah San, a 65-year-old Malaysian, waited with a knife near her house in Marsiling, then stabbed 42-year-old Shoo Suet Lian some 17 times in the wee hours of the morning while she was at a bus stop making her way to work.

Even as the daughter sought help from a passer-by, Shoo - who was about to ride away - returned and stabbed her a few more times in her chest.

Shoo then decided to seek out his eldest son, who was working in Singapore as a mechanic, but was arrested before he could do so.

He pleaded guilty on Tuesday (2 November) to one count of attempted murder, as his daughter survived the vicious attack. Another count of possessing the knife unlawfully was taken into consideration for his sentencing.

Did not have good relationships with his children

Shoo was a widower with five children - two sons and three daughters - with Suet Lian being his eldest child.

He did not have a good relationship with his children and was further estranged after a dispute over the ownership of a house in Taman Perling, Johor Bahru.

Shoo initially rented the house and resided there with three children, including elder son Shoo Chee Seng. In 2000, the house was bought in Suet Lian’s name, as Shoo was an undischarged bankrupt and Chee Seng was below 21. Chee Seng had given his father a sum of money for the purchase of the house and later serviced the monthly mortgage.

Shoo disputed this and claimed that he paid for the house, but it was mortgaged in Suet Lian’s name as he was not allowed to own a second property. He eventually moved out of the house in 2007 to work in Malacca.

In 2016, Chee Seng changed the locks of the house to keep Shoo out, as he had caused trouble in the house by removing the ancestral tablet.

Displeased, Shoo broke into the house in early 2019 and vandalised the walls with red paint, proclaiming that Suet Lian was unfilial and declaring his intention to kill his children. He did not show up to a meeting with Chee Seng to discuss the house.

In March 2019, the children decided to renovate and sell the house to avoid any more trouble from Shoo. Shoo became upset when he thought that the house had already been sold, and blamed Suet Lian for the sale and his homeless state. He also begrudged her for not providing him money.

Harboured thoughts of killing daughter, then committing suicide

Sometime in mid-2019, he began harbouring thoughts of killing her. He had even planned to commit suicide thereafter by jumping off the flat where Suet Lian lived, but delayed his action due to lack of income.

On 16 January last year, Shoo’s girlfriend asked him to move out of her house and Shoo decided to carry out his plan to enter Singapore and kill Suet Lian.

He entered Singapore the next day and rode to Marsiling Lane in search of her. He did not know her exact address, but knew that she went to work between 5am and 6am.

At about 5.03am, he saw Suet Lian walking towards a bus stop and ran towards her while still wearing his helmet. He lifted his visor and uttered in Cantonese, “You've all harmed me very miserably." 

He aimed a stab at Suet Lian’s neck, but she evaded the attack. He then stabbed her left shoulder, shoulder blade, upper chest, and back with the knife, which had a 10cm serrated blade. Shoo then fled towards his motorcycle as he sensed other people around.

Suet Lian shouted for help and ran across the road. A passer-by called for an ambulance.

As Shoo started riding off on his motorcycle, he saw Suet Lian with a passer-by. He alighted, ran towards his bleeding daughter and shouted in Cantonese, “you have not died? Then I will die."

He stabbed her again in her chest, left arm and abdomen, to the horror of the female passer-by, who shouted for him to stop. He fled after seeing blood flow from Suet Lian’s mouth.

Arrested while looking for eldest son in Singapore

Instead of returning to Malaysia, Shoo stayed in Singapore to look for Chee Seng. He rode to Kaki Bukit as he knew his eldest son worked there as a mechanic, but was unsuccessful in finding him.

Shoo spent the next few days sleeping at a public compound of a workers’ dormitory, washing up at public toilets with the toiletries he had. By then, an islandwide manhunt for him was underway.

On 22 January last year, Shoo approached an ex-colleague of Chee Seng to ask about his whereabouts. He was informed of Chee Seng’s new workplace and was given the address.

Before he could find his son, Shoo was arrested by the police at a coffeeshop at Kaki Bukit Avenue 4. The police recovered the knife and notes by Shoo alleging his children’s lack of filial piety. Shoo had wanted commit suicide with the notes on him.

Suet Lian survived the attack, even as she sustained 17 stab wounds on her torso and limbs. She was given hospitalisation leave from 17 January to 2 April last year, and underwent physiotherapy until June this year.

While she does not have problem in her daily activities, she avoids carrying heavy items. According to her victim impact statement, she will not sit at the bus stop while awaiting her company bus, as she can run away from any trouble quicker. She also avoids the grass verge where she had been stabbed at.

Shoo was assessed by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), and was deemed to have no mental illness and was not intellectually disabled.

He will be sentenced on Friday. For attempting to murder, he may be jailed up to 20 years, and fined, or both. He cannot be caned as he is above 50.  

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