When man bites dog: Times Malaysia witnessed animal cruelty

By Tarrence Tan
In a clip uploaded online, Yee is seen attacking the dog after it rushed at him while he was cycling and caused him to fall.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 23 ― The animal abuse case involving Terry Yee drew outrage and cost him portions of his business.

The case is under investigation by the police and Department of Veterinary Services, but its outcome remains to be seen.

Animal lovers awaiting justice may be in for disappointment, however, if the incidents below are any indication of what often comes of such cases.

Dog hanged to death

Last year, a Facebook user writing under the screen name Fadly Mezah posted a picture of a stray dog that he claimed he had hanged to death for attacking his geese.

The post drew the usual Internet anger and resulted in an online petition demanding he be punished.

No further action was taken.

Dog beaten to death

Last April, a Nepalese security guard beat a stray street dog to death with a wooden bat at the Cheras Leisure Mall

The incident was witnessed by a resident and reported in the press.

The mall operator responded to claim the dog had been disturbing shoppers and the guard was trying to chase it away. It later suspended and eventually terminated the guard’s employment.

No further action was taken.

Dog dies after being dragged 10km

In January, a dog died of severe injuries after it was dragged 10km by its owner when its leash got entangled with the rear of his lorry.

The incident was recorded by a motorist, who posted images online and triggered, again, Internet outrage.

The pet owner surrendered himself to the police, and said he was not aware the dog was trapped by its leash.

No action was taken.

Dog thrown out of apartment

Last September, a Facebook user accused her neighbour of throwing his dog out of his apartment

She uploaded pictures of the dead dog on Facebook, and reported the incident to the apartment’s security, the police and the SPCA.

It is not clear if any action was taken.

10 dogs fatally poisoned

In 2014, a group found 10 stray dogs they had been caring for dead at a car park in Bukit Bintang.

The dogs were said to be poisoned by an unknown party. A chicken head and a bluish substance, suspected to be poison, were found near the carcasses.

Fortunately, the group managed to save the remaining three dogs. The three were sent to a veterinary surgeon, who found traces of toxins in their bodies.

The poisoned dogs had made the car park their home for almost five years.

The perpetrator was never identified.

Dog shot with arrows

In 2014, a dog named Brianna was shot twice with arrows by a man in Balakong. The dog later died of tick fever.

According to Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, the wounds it sustained from the arrows had aggravated the condition of a “very, very sick dog”.

The man claimed he was trying to chase away the dog.

He was investigated by the police, but it is unclear if any further action was taken.