Man has brush with death as concrete slab misses his head by inches

This is the shocking moment a man almost came a cropper after a falling concrete slab missed his head by inches.

Aleksey Skers was walking along a pavement in the city of Vitebsk, Belarus, when his brush with death occurred.

The 26-year-old is seen glancing upwards up as he walks along – then charging out of shot a split second before a large concrete slab smashes to rubble on the spot where he had been.

Local media is blaming high winds for the accident.

Aleksey Skers is seen racing out of shot as the concrete slab crashes to the ground (CEN)

Married with one daughter, Skers is the owner of five pushchair shops in the Vitebsk area.

He was leaving a nearby shopping centre after visiting one of his shops when the slab nearly hit him.

Only a pile of rubble remained (CEN)

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Online commenters said he should treat the incident as a kind of rebirth as he so narrowly escaped a potentially fatal accident.

One said: “Your guardian angel is always with you.”

Another asked: “I wonder if someone tried contacting the construction company that was working on the building? Why did not they fence off the area?”

The question of which building company was to blame for the accident was not addressed in local media reports.