Man charged for assaulting police officer in Woodlands

Singapore’s State Courts (Photo: Safhras Khan/Yahoo)

A 24-year-old man was charged in court Wednesday (11 January) for allegedly assaulting a police officer in Woodlands.

According to the charge sheet, Muhammad Hafiz Ahmad Sulleh punched Sergeant Sherman Joel Teo on his left cheek on Monday.

Hafiz, who was unrepresented, was driving a car when he was involved in an accident with a lorry at the junction of Riverside Road and Admiralty Road.

While police officers were arresting him for his suspected involvement in traffic and drug-related offences, Hafiz resisted and hit Sergeant Teo.

Hafiz was offered a bail of $10,000 by District Judge Christopher Goh.

When asked by the judge if someone would be bailing him out, the accused answered meekly that his father would do so. But Hafiz’s father, who was seated in the public gallery, indicated to the judge that he wouldn’t be bailing his son out by waving his right hand.

Hafiz’s mother, who was also in court, was seen crying while his case was being mentioned.

If found guilty, Hafiz faces a jail term of up to seven years or with a fine or with caning.

His case will be heard again on 8 February.