Man charged for molesting 30-year-old woman at Woodlands coffeeshop

Yu Ziyong (left, in red shirt) is charged for molesting a 30-year-old woman at a Woodlands coffeeshop. (PHOTO: Screenshot/Facebook video)

SINGAPORE — A man who allegedly molested a woman at a coffeeshop was charged in the State Courts on Thursday (23 May).

Yu Zhiyong, 41, is accused of molesting the 30-year-old woman by slapping the right side of her buttocks with his left hand at a Woodlands coffeeshop on 18 May.

The alleged offence occurred at about 9.35pm.

A video of the aftermath of the alleged incident was posted on Facebook page SG Kay Poh on 19 May. The caption of the video referenced the victim as a beer promoter.

Yu, who is a Chinese national, will be back in court on 30 May. He is currently on a $5,000 bail, and is applying for a lawyer under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme.

For molest, he faces up to two years in jail, a fine and/or caning if convicted.

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