Man in China claiming to be Taoist master offering breast implants with ‘mind control’ and witchcraft has authorities worried

Alice Yan
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A man in northern China who claims to be able to use mind control to enhance the size of women’s breasts may be in hot water after releasing a video of himself using his “powers” on 27 women simultaneously.

The video clip that emerged on March 17, and has since gone viral, shows the middle-aged man, who calls himself the Guhao master, standing opposite a line of women waving his hands and drawing circles in the air. After walking past all 27 of the women, the man, who says he is a master of Taoism, claimed they would have larger breasts.

The women in the video appear to act as promoters for the Guhao master’s services, although there is no verification of their claims either.

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“My breast circumference was 87 cm before [the session]. It increased to 91 cm after the master performed his magic skills,” a woman said in the video. “Then he did it again and my breast circumference grew to 93 cm.”

Another woman, smiling, said: “[My breast size] grew gradually as the master performed his techniques. They are still bulging.”

The man, whose real name was not clear, said he is a director of a Taoist clinic administered by Jinque Palace in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei province. Jinque Palace issued a statement on March 19 saying it has never opened a clinic nor does it have any staff by the name Guhao master.

For his part, the Guhao master does not claim his powers to be restricted to breasts. He said he could use Taoism to make people grow taller, lose weight, heal bones, treat tumours and make people smarter by “putting air in their head”.

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“It’s not a big deal [for my patients] to grow 3-5 cm. Even a granny in her 70s can still grow taller. The result from my treatment is obvious on the spot,” said the man.

The master charges 15,000 yuan (US$2,300) for every centimetre of growth but said he would not charge clients if his method failed.

He also claimed his treatments were Zhuyoushu, an ancient Chinese form of witchcraft, reported the Global Times.

The video also caught the attention of officials in the region.

Religious authorities say he is a fraud and filed his case to the police, while a market regulatory body is investigating the self-proclaimed guru.

According to The Beijing News, the chairman of Shijiazhuang Taoism Association, Li Zongyan, said the man is not a member of any Taoist institutions in the region, nor a converted follower of the religion.

In the report, Li alleged the man was “purely a swindler” who “deceives wildly”.

“We have reported the scam to police and are waiting for the investigation result of the police,” Li was quoted as saying.

The Market Supervision Bureau, a regulatory authority, announced an investigation on March 18.

Li Meixiao, vice director of the bureau, said it found no business activities at the address where the Guhao master’s company is registered and believes that his company operates elsewhere, according to Hebei-based news portal

“We will deal with the case according to law,” Li was quoted as saying.

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