Man dressed as Freddy Krueger at Halloween party shoots five people

A Halloween party turned violent over the weekend when a guest dressed as Freddy Krueger shot five people.

The unidentified suspect is said to have started causing trouble at the party soon after arriving, according to witnesses.

He had apparently turned up late - at around 5am on Sunday morning - to the party in San Antonio, Texas, with a group of several other men.

Eyewitnesses said that he soon pulled out a gun and shot into the crowd while dressed as the infamous Nightmare on Elm Street character.

Shooting: Police sent three people to hospital who were shot by the suspect (Kens5)

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No one was killed in the incident, but police who arrived at the scene sent three victims to hospital to be treated for their injuries.

They said that one victim crashed her car on the way to the nearby University hospital, according to Kens5.

Police have so far not released any details of the suspect in the shooting and the search to find him is ongoing.

Top pic: New Line