Man who drove against traffic flow on AYE jailed, disqualified from driving

Hannah Teoh
Senior Content Producer
  • j
    again, depression...lawyers always use this
  • L
    Love people
    He is rich...So fine him more.
  • G
    Ng suffers from major depressive disorder and sees a psychiatrist twice a year.
    "Major" depression where got only see doctor only 2x yearly?

    His doctor in USA/UK? How can say "Major"?

    Don't joke lah!
  • G
    His nationality, his occupation?
    Sources of his income??
  • G
    - spent the majority of the evening playing games with bar hostesses.
    - behaviour was influenced by his concern over his daughter’s medical condition.

    These 2 facts don't match leh?! They dared to present these in court?
    What a joke?
  • K
    Kim san
    He was too happy squeezing balloons at Arena Country Club.
  • R
    Richard quek
    double his sentence upon appeal
  • S
    Quote " jailed four weeks and disqualified from driving for five years." . Now he still want to appeal . Punishment very light and yet still wasting taxpayer money for appeal .
  • E
    4 weeks? way too lenient! he could have caused deaths
  • f
    Think of how many lives can be saved if he is disqualify for 30 years instead of just 5