Man fails breathalyser test after 'eating exotic fruit'

A driver takes a breathalyzer test. (Getty)

People are being warned against eating an exotic fruit while driving after a man surprisingly blew over the limit.

A clip uploaded to Chinese website Pear Video shows a man being pulled over on 17 April and failing a breathalyser test.

He justified the reading by saying he ate durian fruit – known as the world’s stinkiest fruit and apparently one that can put you over the limit.

The officer tucks into a piece of durian fruit during the experiment. (Pear Video)

According to the BBC, a blood test later confirmed there was actually no alcohol in the man’s system.

In the Pear Video clip, a police officer experiments with the fruit and a breathalyser about a week after the man was pulled over.

The officer discovered his blood alcohol level increased after eating the fruit, with a recording of just over 0.03.

The legal limit in China is 0.02, about 20mg per 100ml.

People are being warned after an officer's experiment to see if durian fruit really puts you over the limit. (Pear Video)

Just minutes after the original reading, the police officer returns a reading of zero.

The officer then warns others not the eat the fruit while driving as it can return a positive reading, the BBC reported.

The warning also extends to people considering eating lychees or using mouthwash behind the wheel.

The durian is known as the smelliest fruit in the world. (AP)

In January, a West Australian trucker showed how eating hot cross buns could land drivers in trouble.

In the video, the driver Heather Jones blows 0.018 after just one bite.

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