Man’s fiancée insists he disinvite his family from their wedding because hers can’t be there: ‘Enormous red flag’

This man’s fiancée wants him to disinvite his friends and family from their wedding because her parents won’t be able to make it.

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The man took to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum, seeking insight on the appropriate course of action.

Providing context, the man explained that he and his fiancée are from different countries. While the couple currently lives in the man’s home country, they plan to relocate to hers.

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“We’re planning a super small courthouse wedding, just my parents, maid of honor (her sister), and best man,” the Redditor shared before mentioning that his fiancée’s parents aren’t able to come due to their health in addition to the long-distance travel.

The post’s author noted that a few of his friends and family members expressed interest in congratulating the soon-to-be newlyweds briefly after the ceremony in front of the courthouse.

However, the man’s fiancée requested that he disinvite his friends and family from coming to the courthouse since her parents won’t be there.

“I think it’s rude to tell my friends and family not to show up,” the post’s author concluded, asking for input on how to handle the situation moving forward.

Wedding warnings

Reddit users unanimously agreed that it would be impolite to disinvite friends and family from coming to the courthouse to share their congratulations.

“I think it’s rude, too. It’s sad that her family can’t come, but she should be happy that at least you will be with your loved ones,” one person wrote in the post’s top comment.

“Don’t bother getting married to a ‘misery loves company’ partner. This is just the [first] step in her separating you from your family,” one individual put it bluntly.

“Your family is about to be her family, and if she doesn’t see it that way, that’s an enormous red flag. Plus, if her sister is coming, she will also have blood family there, so why can’t you?” another Reddit user inquired.

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