Man finds sharp object used for IV injections at Tampines playground

There’s plenty of stuff you expect to find on your average Singapore playground. Slides? Check. A teeter-totter? Nice. Used cannulas? Er …

Unfortunately, it was option C a man claims to have found at a playground near Block 207 Tampines Street 21.

In a Facebook post on Sunday night, Muhammad Alamin said he stepped on the partially broken blue cannula, which has a thin, sharp, transparent tube used for IV injections — and which looks like a giant needle to our layman’s eyes — connected to it.

He also said that there were “traces of blood” on the object. Yikes.

The pics show a broken bit of the cannula covered with tissue paper he had wrapped it with, and you can also see dark marks on the transparent tube.

In his post, Alamin warned adults — especially caregivers, teachers, and parents — to make sure they check playgrounds for such dangerous objects before letting the children play.

As it turns out, this wasn’t Alamin’s first encounter with such disgusting items.

“When I was still a teacher, among the many things I’ve found were syringes and used condoms,” he wrote in his post. Good times.

His account has freaked out some Singaporean parents, who mostly tagged their loved ones in the comments and warned them to be extra careful. The post had more than 1,500 shares today.

Meanwhile, others began drawing up their own (pretty solid) theories as to how the object could have ended up there.

Comment on Muhammad Alamin's Facebook page.
Comment on Muhammad Alamin's Facebook page.

How about you? Ever run across a used cannula (or hypodermic needle) while in the park with your kids? Tell us about it in the comments or on Twitter @CoconutsSG.

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