Man helps his grandma exercise by folding napkins

Watch this TikToker help his grandma get some entertainment and exercise by folding napkins!

Chris Punsalan (@firstnamechris) is a TikToker and musician who has an adorably close relationship with his grandma. Chris spends time taking care of his grandmother and helping her with everything from eating meals and moving around the house to getting exercise. In a sweet recent video, Chris shared how he helps his grandma get some exercise by giving her a fun napkin-folding challenge!

The video begins with Chris and his grandma sitting at a table with a stack of napkins in front of them. “Your daily dose of grandma folding napkins,” Chris says.

Then, Chris holds up an unfolded napkin, folds it in half, and places it in front of his grandmother. “We have an example napkin right here,” he explains.

Then, he holds the rest of the unfolded napkins up. “Now we’re gonna throw these on her lap,” he says, placing the napkins on his grandma’s lap.

Chris’ grandma folds each napkin and places it on the table in a neat row. Then, Chris places a plastic cover over them. “Now that the napkins are nicely folded, we’re gonna put this blue cover on top,” he explains.

Chris’ grandma gestures towards the other end of the table and instructs him to move them away from her. Chris obliges, pushing the napkins offscreen. “I’m sure they’re good now,” she tells him.

Then, Chris shares how, after the exertions of napkin folding, he helps his grandma get ready for bed. Chris lifts his grandma out of her wheelchair and carries her over to her bed. “I’m not gonna fall right?” Chris’s grandma asks once she’s tucked into bed.

Chris shakes his head, smiling comfortingly at her, and adjusts her pillows. Then, Chris gives her a beverage to drink and makes sure she’s cozy. The video ends as he gives his grandma a kiss on the forehead.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the sweet relationship between Chris and his grandma!

“You both are so precious,” one viewer wrote.

“This is beautiful to watch. I’m a carer for my grandfather and I know how mentally draining it is, but we do it because we love them so much,” another viewer commented.

“I love watching you guys,” another TikToker chimed in.

Chris’ napkin folding video shows that any activity can be fun when you’re doing it with people you care about!

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