Man helps stranger fix his bicycle in Glasgow, only to realise it was his stolen bike

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Helpful people are always ready to extend an extra hand to those in need. However, the ones who are helpful often have to bear the brunt themselves.

A resident of Glasgow, 64-year-old John Devlin was on his way home one morning after finishing his night shift, when he saw a man who was sitting and was trying to fix his damaged cycle. Devlin stopped to help the stranger in repairing his cycle. While the 64-year-old was trying to help the man, he noticed that the stickers on the cycle frame looked quite familiar to him.

Devlin then shifted his attention to the helmet that was hanging on the back of the cycle and realized that the helmet was equally familiar. He felt that the helmet looked similar to his own.

After having a thorough look at the cycle, Devlin realized that the cycle actually belonged to him and the person who he was helping was a thief. He immediately confronted the cycle thief, 46-year-old Paul Hartey, and told him that the bicycle belonged to him.

The moment Hartey heard this, he picked up the bicycle and began to run. Luckily, Devlin had called the police by then, and Hartey was caught. When Devlin confronted Hartey and said that the bicycle belonged to him, he had also tried to point a knife at Devlin and run away from there.

Hartey was then produced in the Glasgow Sheriff's Court where he admitted to stealing the bicycle just a few minutes before Devlin caught him.

According to a report by the Daily Star, Delvin's wife Linda testified that when she woke up at 6.30 am, she saw that the door of her shed was broken and everything was scattered inside.

Hartey's lawyer argued in court that he was under the influence of drugs and hence was not aware of what he was doing. The lawyer said that his client did not even remember the incident of that day. Ultimately, Hartey was sentenced to 15 months in prison for the theft of the bicycle.

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