Man hit by taxi while helping car accident victims

Chua Yini

An auxiliary police officer from Certis Cisco was hit by a taxi and flung about 25 meters while trying to help victims of a traffic accident on Sunday.

According to a Cisco spokesperson, 41-year-old Nur Iskandar Magiar was on night shift with a supervisor when he witnessed a road accident unfold on the Bukit Timah Expressway. A trailer had skidded on the road and hit a car and a motorcycle, trapping two people underneath.

While his supervisor called up the command post, Nur Iskandar jumped into action to help the victims of the accident. He was trying to free two people who were caught under the trailer when a taxi hit him from behind.

The impact threw Nur Iskandar 25 meters away from the site of the accident.

He sustained spine injuries and was sent to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital for treatment, where he is currently recuperating.

According to the police, the taxi driver who hit Nur Iskandar did not see the officer “until it was too late”. The case is still under investigation and the taxi driver has not been charged.

However, the accident has not dented Nur Iskandar’s willingness to help those in need. “Of course [I would stop again]. It's part of our job to do that when we come across such accidents. We just won't know when we might get hurt,” he said.

He recounted his days as a National Serviceman in the Police, when he was “used to stopping to help out at accidents”.

According to Nur Iskandar, his wife and son have been understanding about the incident.

Said the father of a 14-year-old boy, “It's up to the individual whether he wants to help or not, but I do it because you don't know who might be in need - it might even be your own family member.”