Man involved in Little India slashing jailed

Wan Ting Koh
Policemen and passers-by attending to the victim after the assault. (Photo: Facebook page of KP Lau)

SINGAPORE — A man who was involved in a vicious group attack in broad daylight in Little India in 2018 was sentenced to 17 months and one week’s jail on Friday (28 February).

Victor Alexander Arumugam and four other men had used a samurai sword, a chopper and a baton to attack a 27-year-old man, causing the latter’s right foot to be partly amputated.

Victor pleaded guilty to one count of rioting and one count of affray in an unrelated incident. One charge each of affray, theft of motor vehicle or component part and of voluntarily causing hurt were considered for his sentencing. 

The 26-year-old will also serve an additional 300 days’ jail for reoffending while on early release from a jail term that begin in 2015. 

He was previously convicted of several violence-related offences, including voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons, mischief by fire or explosive substance and causing hurt on 21 April 2015. He was sentenced to three years’ jail then and was released early on 17 March 2018 with a remission order in effect until 15 March last year.

Serangoon Road slashing

Arjun Retnavelu being escorted by police at Lower Pierce Reservoir on Thursday, 26 July 2018. PHOTO: Wan Ting Koh/Yahoo News Singapore

While still on a remission order, Victor became involved in the Serangoon slashing incident with four of his friends - Arjun Retnavelu, 24; Dinesh Kumar Ruvy, 28; Haresh Shanmuganathan, 23; and Sharvin Raj Suraj, 18. 

Sharvin was given reformative training for his role on 5 July last year, while the rest have not been dealt with.  

On 25 July 2018, Sharvin was in a car with his four accomplices when Arjun spotted the victim at a bus stop outside Broadway Hotel and opposite Minora Centre.

Arjun wanted to take revenge against the victim over a dispute they previously had, according to the prosecution.

At about 12.15pm, the group stopped the car at the road and helped themselves to a box of weapons that Arjun had placed in the car boot.

Arjun allegedly armed himself with a chopper while Dinesh purportedly took a samurai sword. Sharvin took a baton while Haresh and Victor were unarmed.

The group approached the victim with their weapons and attacked him. They then fled to the car and Dinesh allegedly drove them away. The weapons used in the attack were eventually recovered and seized. 

Policemen arrested the attackers the next day.

The victim underwent surgery and was hospitalised for a week. Apart from his partly amputated foot, he sustained two cuts on the back of his head and his left upper back had to be stitched up.

Lucky Plaza incident

While still under remission, on 28 April 2018, Victor went to Club Platinum at Orchard Road with some other friends for a birthday celebration at 1am. Victor’s group left the club when it closed. 

At about 7.04am, Victor was waiting at Lucky Plaza for a taxi when he perceived that a 22-year-old man, Visnu Suriamurthi, was staring at him. He became angry and punched Visnu. 

A scuffle ensued and spilled out on to the road. The two resumed their fight even with the intervention of police officers. 

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