Man jailed 22 months for having sex with minor who sought 'sugar daddy'

Amir Hussain
Senior Reporter
Muhammad Asraf Mustaffa, 27, pleaded guilty to having consensual sex with the victim, who was then 14.

SINGAPORE — An insurance agent who had consensual sex with a secondary school student in public toilets was on Wednesday (21 August) jailed for 22 months.

Muhammad Asraf Mustaffa pleaded guilty at the State Courts to three out of five charges of sexual penetration of a minor.

The remaining counts, along with two charges each of possessing obscene films and having uncertified films, were considered in sentencing.

Victim asked accused to be ‘sugar daddy’

In February 2017, Asraf got to know the victim via messaging app Telegram. He was then 25 while she was 14. They became closer and shared personal and intimate details.

“The victim also asked the accused if he could be her ‘sugar daddy’ and told him that she was not a virgin,” said Deputy Public Prosecutor Asoka Markandu in the prosecution’s Statement of Facts.

“At the material time, the accused had no prior sexual experience and he was curious about sex,” the prosecutor added.

It is not known if Asraf responded positively to the request.

Couple had sex at handicap toilets

Six months later, in August, Asraf asked the victim out for a date. They agreed that they would have lunch and thereafter have sex. The victim also reminded Asraf to buy condoms to use when having sex with her.

On 11 August, at around 2pm, the couple met at Bishan MRT station. The victim was in her school uniform and Asraf recognised her from her profile photo on Telegram.

They went to a Subway outlet for lunch and later looked for a handicap toilet at Junction 8 shopping mall without much human traffic.

At the handicap toilet at Basement 1 of the shopping mall, the couple had sex. Asraf then accompanied the victim back to the void deck of her home.

Later that month, the couple again had sex at the same location before having a meal at a restaurant in the shopping mall.

They continued to stay in touch and there were a few occasions thereafter when they met but did not have sex.

In August, the couple also had sex at a handicap toilet at Marina Barrage.

The next month, they had sex at the handicap toilet on the third floor of Velocity shopping mall before Asraf accompanied the victim to the void deck of her home.

On 12 September, the victim made a police report at Kampong Java Neighbourhood Police Centre stating that she had sex with a man.

The maximum punishment for sexual penetration of a minor under 16 is up to 10 years jail along with a fine.

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