Man jailed 30 months for molesting 9-year-old step-granddaughter

Hannah Teoh
Senior Content Producer
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    What is wrong with men these days ?
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    Zhao Zhong Jhiang
    Can't ONLY the name of the man be published
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    Don't play around with this man because it is a waste of time and money. He should be executed before the weekend.
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    Joo Mong
    Let us face the truth. Its not the race, but the up-bringing culture.Since ancient times, any/many races can had the same issue. Some evolved along with forward looking up-bringing cultures. Not all managed to do so along with the changes of time.
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    Grand mother also so itchy there, assuming the grandmother is also 51 years old and grand daughter is 9 years old, there's only 42 years between them. So at an average age of 21 the granny and mother gave birth - fwah very itchy all ah
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    I think the canning should be carried out no matter how old they are! They did the same hedious crime and they should not be exempted from cane! They are old enough and wise enough to use their brain to think !
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    So this guy also told the Judge the 9 yo girl looking like 18 to him?

  • K
    must be an aneh or the "presidential" race
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    What is happening? Please dont be like malaysia. We talk trash about other people country so much but look at what is happening to ours? Must be a virus from the FT.
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    Sg Govt, it's getting obvious that sexual crimes are on the rise. Time to review the canning age! At least put in the term for age 50-55 & 56-60, the canning strength be reduced accordingly but hard enough for them to remember! If not there will be culprits to know how to act out the crime at 51yrs old to take advantage of the law. This is to deter more cases.