Man jailed 30 months for molesting 9-year-old step-granddaughter

Hannah Teoh
Senior Content Producer
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    What is wrong with men these days ?
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    Don't play around with this man because it is a waste of time and money. He should be executed before the weekend.
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    Joo Mong
    Let us face the truth. Its not the race, but the up-bringing culture.Since ancient times, any/many races can had the same issue. Some evolved along with forward looking up-bringing cultures. Not all managed to do so along with the changes of time.
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    Zhao Zhong Jhiang
    Can't ONLY the name of the man be published
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    Grand mother also so itchy there, assuming the grandmother is also 51 years old and grand daughter is 9 years old, there's only 42 years between them. So at an average age of 21 the granny and mother gave birth - fwah very itchy all ah
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    So this guy also told the Judge the 9 yo girl looking like 18 to him?

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    What is happening? Please dont be like malaysia. We talk trash about other people country so much but look at what is happening to ours? Must be a virus from the FT.
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    must be an aneh or the "presidential" race
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    singapore is fast becoming one of the world top pedo crimes.
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    LOL everyone
    This 51 years old OLD FART should get the maximum rotan plus long jail term. Our court is simply too lenient to this itchy OLD FART