Man jailed 9 months over attempted assault on rival gang member

Nigel Chin
(Photo: Getty images)

A senior member of a gang who gathered fellow members to assault a rival gang member with deadly weapons was jailed for nine months on Tuesday (26 September).

Abdul Rahman bin Abobakar, 51, pleaded guilty to one charge of unlawful assembly with a deadly weapon at the State Courts. He was part of the “303” secret society – which belongs to the “108” group – operating in Singapore and held the rank of senior member, having joined them in 1987.

The court heard that on 9 December 2015, another member of the 303 gang, Alimon Ismail, called for a gathering at a coffee shop in Bedok North Street 3 – one of the group’s operational grounds. Alimon had an ongoing dispute with a member of Omega gang named Sani G.

About 15 members of the “303” group showed up and they decided to locate and hurt Sani G with weapons. They then proceeded to another coffee shop at New Upper Changi Road, known to be an Omega gang hang-out, in various vehicles.

Alimon and Abdul Rahman, who travelled in the same car, stopped at a multi-storey carpark in Bedok South along the way to pick up a bag of weapons, which included knives and samurai swords, from Roslan Shah. It was not stated if Roslan was a member of the 303 gang.

Abdul Rahman distributed the weapons when they reached New Upper Changi Road before proceeding to the coffee shop. Upon arrival, the gang members began shouting “Where is Omega?” in Malay.  However, they failed to locate any Omega members.

They then proceeded on foot to a bigger coffee shop in the vicinity. Along the way they spotted a group of Malay youths seated nearby and questioned them. The youths said that they were not part of any gang.

At the second coffee shop, Abdul Rahman and his fellow gang members failed to locate any Omega members and decided to return to the previous location.

Along the way, Alimon dragged a long knife across the floor, which alarmed other people at the second coffee shop. One customer then called the police emergency hotline to report a “gang fight”.

The 303 gang members also confronted the same group of Malay youths a second time, during which one of the members placed a samurai sword against the neck of one other youths. He only stopped after being instructed to do so by another member from the gang. Alimon then gave instructions to the gang members to proceed another location to continue their search for Omega gang members and left before the police arrived.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Joshua Rene Jeyeraj did not explain how the gang members were eventually caught, but added that none of the weapons used were recovered. Four other members of the gang have already been sentenced over the incident.

Alimon, 49, was jailed 12 months and fined $6,000, while 56-year-old Ibrahim Jantan and 29-year-old Akmal Ahmad were jailed for nine months each. Ashraf Raffiee, 23, was jailed for eight months.

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