Man jailed four weeks for punching fellow taxi driver

Singapore’s State Courts (Yahoo file photo)

A honking was enough to get a taxi driver so riled up that he hit the driver who honked at him.

Rachman Andy Bin Bidin, 36, punched Ang Kim Hee, 54, also a taxi driver, in the face after confronting him. For voluntarily causing hurt, Rachman was sentenced to four weeks’ jail on Thursday (6 April) in the State Courts.

According to court documents, both Rachman and Ang were making a right turn at the junction of Temasek Avenue and Raffles Boulevard on 11 June 2016 when the incident happened. Rachman was fetching his girlfriend to the F1 pit building while Ang, who was driving just behind Rachman, was ferrying a passenger in the same direction.

When the green light came on and Rachman failed to move, Ang sounded his horn once. Rachman moved his taxi forward but applied his brakes almost right after, even though the signal for right-turning vehicles was green. Ang sounded his horn once more.

Rachman completed the right turn into Raffles Boulevard at a low speed. He continued driving at the right-most lane at a low speed before halting his taxi for no reason. Ang, who was by this time directly behind Rachman, was forced to swerved to the left lane to avoid a collision. Rachman then drove on while applying his brakes intermittently.

When the two vehicles came to the next traffic junction at Raffles Boulevard and Republic Boulevard, Rachman alighted from his taxi and approached Ang’s taxi. The court heard that Rachman confronted Ang and began berating him for honking.

Ang wound down his window to talk to Rachman, but before he could finish speaking Rachman punched him on the face with his left fist. Rachman then took Ang’s spectacles, which fell off after the assault, returned to his taxi and drove off.

As a result of the assault, Ang suffered a concussion and blurred vision.

Rachman, who has previous convictions for theft, drink driving and possession of illegal goods, could have been jailed for up two years and/or fined $5,000.