Man keen to find girl he met at polling station

Olivia Miwil

KOTA KINABALU: A man who recently advertised in a local daily to find a woman he met during election poll received mixed reaction.

Gan, who is from here, said he was touched that many had called and given him words of encouragement.

The notice titled “Looking for a lady I met on 9th May 2018.

He wrote ” I’m Gan looking for the lady that I met in the St Francis Secondary School polling station on election day. You were sweet and kind to shelter me with your umbrella, We had a good chat. You went to your car to get your outer shirt. We had to split when it was our turn to vote and I failed to ask you for your handphone number. I’d like to see you again. Please sms or whatsapp me at 0128358467. I await to hear from you. Regards Gan.”

Gan said he was glad to know that there were so many good people who wished him well although some had also insulted and belittled his action.

“However, the woman has yet to call me, maybe she does not read English newspaper and thus did not see that notice,” he said when contacted by NSTP.

Gan had met the woman and conversed in Hakka language. They were separated when the polling agent instructed them to go to different channel to cast their vote.

“It has been three months. My friend suggested that I advertise in the newspaper to find her as I told him that the woman and I had good ‘chemistry’,” he added.

Gan said he had no plans to advertise in a Chinese newspaper and would wait for the right person to call him. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd