Man molested female barber while having haircut in dormitory

SINGAPORE — While a female barber was cutting his hair at a barbershop inside his dormitory, a man molested her over her jeans before sliding his hand into her clothes.

Despite her pleas to stop, Wilson Selvanson, 32, escalated the act of molest, brazenly reaching under the woman’s apron to unbutton and unzip her jeans.

The woman, 32, later reported the matter to her supervisor and Selvanson was arrested. She cannot be named to protect her identity.

Selvanson, an Indian national working as a welder here, admitted to two out of four charges of molest on Tuesday (11 May), with the rest taken into consideration for sentencing.

The woman was working at the barber shop on 2 January when the incident occurred. Selvanson entered the shop that evening and found that the victim was in the midst of serving a customer.

He returned at about 8pm for his turn. As the woman cut his hair, he began asking her personal questions such as her age, and whether she could remove her face mask as he wanted to see her face.

He then touched her buttock over her jeans before sliding his hand into her jeans to molest her. The woman asked him to stop and Selvanson withdrew his hand. He asked the woman, “Is there a problem?”

The woman felt scared but continued to cut his hair. Selvanson persisted in his acts. He reached under the woman’s apron and unbuttoned the woman’s jeans before unzipping it, touching her groin for a moment.

Shocked, the woman knelt down. She backed away from Selvanson and asked him to stop, telling him she was scared. Selvanson later paid her $6 for the haircut and asked for her phone number. The woman refused to give it to him.

After the woman reported the matter to her supervisor, Selvanson’s identity was established through CCTV footage and dormitory management records and he was later arrested.

Selvanson will be sentenced on 17 May.

Molest carries a jail term of up to two years, a fine, or caning, or any combination the punishments.

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