Man punched twice in taxi dispute

A Singaporean man claimed that a man punched him twice at Neil Road after taking a taxi he had booked.

Liew, 40, who declined to give his full name, told The New Paper that his female friend had helped him book a taxi just after 1am on Saturday morning after a night out at a pub.

The taxi drove past him when it arrived and before he caught up with it, two men in their “mid to late thirties” boarded. He then opened the rear passenger door and told them to alight as he had booked the taxi.

The two men, who spoke in a British accent, disagreed with the senior banking executive and they argued while the taxi driver kept quiet.

Liew said that one of the men threatened to beat him up, but Liew did not think he would really do it as they were in a public place. However, the man proved him wrong and swung his fist at him, connecting with Liew’s left cheek, knocking off his spectacles, the Singaporean alleged.

By then the taxi had left and the two men walked off after a passer-by spoke to them. Liew called the police and followed the men down Neil Road, towards the junction of Cantonment Road, opposite the Pinnacle@Duxton residences while a female colleague nearby stayed on the phone with him.

After around 100m, the same man who punched Liew earlier turned around and again hit him on the jaw, chipping his tooth.

He then called the police a second time to give an update on his location, while the female colleague confronted Liew’s attacker near the Police Cantonment Complex.

The commotion drew the attention of the police officers, who escorted all of them into the police station, where their statements and particulars were taken down.

Liew went to the Singapore General Hospital to receive treatment for his bruised jaw and chipped tooth, while the two men were allowed to leave.

The 40-year-old filed a Magistrate’s Complaint on Monday at the Subordinate Courts, and is appealing for witnesses to come forward to help him in his case.

A police spokesman confirmed that the report was lodged, and that Liew was given legal advice.