Man sexually assaulted intoxicated man, filmed the act

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A man with his hand raised. (PHOTO: Getty Images)
A man with his hand raised. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — A man who sexually assaulted another man after the latter passed out from intoxication was given six months of reformative training on Wednesday (1 September).

Hari Kishen Balakrishnan, 20, pleaded guilty to one count of performing oral sex on the 23-year-old victim, and one count of making an obscene film by filming his sexual assault on the victim seven times. One count of molest was taken into consideration for his sentencing. The victim's identity is protected by a gag order.

Hari and the victim came into contact due to mutual friends. The victim, who is heterosexual, had met his female friend to drink at Clarke Quay at about 7pm on 7 November last year. This female friend later became his girlfriend. Hours later, the victim met another two friends, including Hari, and they continued to chat at the Read Bridge until 6am the next day.

The victim, Hari, and two other female friends then headed to Kopi House at River Valley Road for breakfast. After the girls headed home, Hari and the victim bought cigarettes and alcohol to consume as while they chatted.

When the victim’s phone ran out of battery, Hari suggested that he could charge his phone at a friend's residence. He also told the victim that there was more alcohol there.

The victim agreed to the suggestion. At the unit, Hari offered the man three to four glasses of whisky mixed with mineral water. The victim passed out from the alcohol and Hari carried him to a bed. His two friends remained in the living room watching television.

While in the bedroom with the victim, Hari then gave him a love bite before removing the victim’s boxers and touching his penis. He also performed oral sex on the incapacitated man.

The victim could not open his eyes or fight back, but could feel the acts. He did not consent to them.

Hari also filmed seven recordings of himself sexually assaulting the victim. After the victim woke, he was furious with Hari and wanted to beat him up. However, as there were two other men in the unit, he composed himself and went for a smoke.

He left in the evening and contacted the woman who later became his girlfriend, telling her of the sexual assault. He lodged a police report about an hour later.

Hari was arrested on 9 November at his home and his phone was seized by the police. He had deleted the seven videos, which were later recovered by the police during forensic extraction.

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