Man shot dead near KK after running amok, stabbing wife, policeman


KOTA KINABALU: A man who stabbed his wife and attacked police personnel with a knife was shot dead at a village on Pulau Gaya, off here, yesterday.

The 30-year-old immigrant sustained a gunshot wound in his back at about 6.30pm, and died while being transported to the police marine jetty here.

Earlier, at 4pm, the man had engaged in a heated argument with his 23-year-old wife, whom he suspected of having an affair, at their home in Kampung Pondo.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner M. Chandra said the man became furious and stabbed his wife in the stomach with a knife, before villagers alerted the police and sent the injured woman to hospital.

“Police personnel who arrived at the scene tried to calm the man down, but he assaulted one of them with a knife.

“He chased another officer, who jumped into the (sea) to avoid from being attacked.

“However, that did not stop the armed man, as he jumped into the sea and swam after the officer. My men had no choice but to open fire to protect their colleague,” Chandra said.

Prior to the shooting, police issued several warnings to the man, but they were ignored.

Chandra said the man was then transported to the marine jetty, but succumbed to his wound before police could rush him to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

He added that police recovered a 12-inch knife and a pair of scissors from the man.

His wife is reported to be in stable condition at hospital.