Man who slashed lover's ex-boyfriend jailed 6 years and one month and given caning

Suhaile Md
Singapore state courts (Yahoo News Singapore file photo)

A man who slashed his lover’s ex-boyfriend on the neck and chest was sentenced to six years and one month’ jail and eight strokes of the cane on Friday (14 April).

Mohamad Yazit Abdullah, 29, had previously pleaded guilty at the State Courts to one charge of causing grievous hurt, one charge of theft involving assault, and two charges of pushing a person on the chest. One other charge was taken into consideration for sentencing.

For the slashing charge, Yazit could have been jailed for life.

Prior to the slashing incident, Yazit met his 25-year-old girlfriend, Hernandez Sheryl Magadia, at Club 73 at Maude Road with the intention of bringing her to meet the 31 year-old victim, Mahadhir A Karim, in the early hours of 17 April last year. Hernandez used to be in a relationship with Mahadhir.

Although reluctant, Hernandez agreed to get into the car driven by Yazit out of fear. Yazit later picked up a male friend before his confrontation with Mahadhir.

The trio reached the block where Mahadhir stayed at. Yazit told the two passengers to remain in the car, which was parked in front of the block.

Yazit called Mahadhir down to meet and then took a red plastic bag containing a bread knife from the car. When they met at a path, Yazit took out the knife and started slashing Mahadhir on the neck, chest and left hand.

Mahadhir tried to block Yazit’s attack by holding onto the knife. He suffered various injuries including on his jugular vein.

After the attack, Mahadhir ran across the road but Yazit did not give chase. Yazit got back into the car and shouted in Malay “It’s not finished!” before driving off.

Mahadhir, who was bleeding profusely, returned home to alert his younger brother who then called for an ambulance. He was hospitalised for nine days.

In the theft incident, Yazit was with a friend when he punched a Bangladeshi man and stole his mobile phone on 18 December 2016. The victim, who was working with a town council, sustained a swelling on his head and other injuries. Yazit’s friend was previously dealt with in court and given 13 months’ jail.

For the other two charges proceeded against him, Yazit went to Club 73 on 18 November 2016 and pushed the club manager on the chest twice. The incident happened after the manager had rejected Yazit’s request to talk to Hernandez, who was then a hostess at the club.