Man under investigation for peeping Tom incident at male toilet in NTU

On the heels of the uproar over the NUS sexual misconduct case and subsequent discussions over the severity of the punishment handed out to the perpetrator, a new “Peeping Tom” incident has surfaced, this time at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The police said yesterday that a 19-year-old male is currently under investigation for criminal trespass after the case was reported over the weekend.

According to The Straits Times, the police received a 999 call for assistance at 1:11pm on Sunday, after a man had allegedly taken pictures of another man in the shower at a toilet in the resident hall. It is believed that some students came forward to help detain the individual after his actions were spotted. An NTU spokesperson told Channel NewsAsia that the man is not a student at the university, nor is he an employee.

“NTU believes in building a culture of mutual support where students are encouraged to watch out for one another,” ST quoted the spokesman, who emphasized that a safe campus environment is of utmost importance. The spokesman added that campus security patrol the resident halls on a regular basis, and surveillance cameras scour through most of the common areas as well.

Coconuts Singapore understands that an internal memo was released yesterday to students, in which NTU reiterated its policy on sexual misconduct on campus, reminding them that the school has a “zero tolerance stance towards harassment” as it “runs against the spirit and values of our University community.” It also said it would introduce a new online module on anti-harassment in July this year to all freshmen and student organizers of the Transition and Orientation Programme, offering information on what constitutes harassment, how to respond, and where to seek support resources.

This comes in the wake of the NUS case, as NTU and the Singapore Management University (SMU) are reviewing their disciplinary framework so as to offer better support and protection for students against sexual harassment on campus.

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