Man who posted photos of himself sniffing panties on Instagram fined $2,400

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(SCREENCAP: Twitter)
(SCREENCAP: Twitter)

SINGAPORE — A man who uploaded social media posts of himself sniffing stolen female undergarments and other soiled clothing was fined $2,400 on Friday (18 September).

Lim Wei Ming, 35, pleaded guilty to one count of causing a public nuisance and one count of possessing four obscene video files. Another two charges of causing a public nuisance were taken into consideration for his sentencing.

These include Lim uploading a post containing four photographs of him posing with and sniffing pink female underwear with the caption “Public panty sniffing”, and another post he uploaded onto the same account two photographs of a pink female underwear, with a caption “Block 356 Tampines Street 33”. Both posts were uploaded on 14 August last year.

On another occasion in 2018, after coming across a pair of black shorts on a clothing rack, he masturbated and ejaculated on the shorts. On 14 August last year, he posted a picture of it on his Instagram account with the caption, “Public pcc onto black shorts.” The letters “pcc” referred to the sexual act in Hokkien.

Lim’s Instagram account could be viewed by the public at the time and caused a total of 38 police reports to be lodged against him on the “I-witness” platform alone.

He was diagnosed with Fetishistic Disorder involving a fetish for female clothing and a “predilection for female intimate wear”, according to an Institute of Mental Health psychiatrist, who provided a report on 24 September last year.

The IMH report also found that Lim was not intellectually disabled and that he was not of unsound mind at the time.

Public outcry over photos

Lim’s photos generated an outcry from other Instagram users and he soon deleted them.

Amongst the police reports lodged against him was one, made on 15 August last year, that stated, “This guy like sexually harassing ppl. He go take their clothing and c** on it or some s**t. He got come and harass ppl around the area I study in. Pls arrest him or something. I don’t want my friends to get harassed. Thank you." The complaint included a screenshot of Lim’s Instagram profile.

On 16 August last year, Lim was arrested at his residence, which was searched. His mobile phone was sent for forensic examination and found to contain four obscene video files. Lim admitted to downloading them.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sean Teh said that Lim’s Instagram profile was available for anyone to view and had caused significant public annoyance. He sought a fine of $5,000.

Lim’s lawyer David Nayar said that his client’s photos had “spread like wildfire” and it had not been his intention for them to be seen that way. He pointed out that a member of the public would have to search for his name in order to access the photos.

Lim, who used to be a Grab driver, was currently unemployed and undergoing psychiatric treatment under IMH, showing his intent to rid himself of his fetish, said the lawyer.

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