Management sim Tavern Keeper lets you run a hectic and whimsical fantasy pub

 Tavern Keeper appearing in the Future Games Show Gamescom Showcase
Tavern Keeper appearing in the Future Games Show Gamescom Showcase

Having worked behind the bar in many a pub over the years, I've often fantasized about running my own - and with Tavern Keeper I'll be able to test my abilities. Without all that financial burden.

Announced at the Future Games Show August Showcase, Tavern Keeper is brought to us from the team behind Game Dev Tycoon - Greenheart Games.

You'll want to create the perfect place for rogues, peasants, and heroes alike to take refuge. You'll pour pints, provide a place to rest, and no doubt even break up a kerfuffle or two. A tavern is the heart of a community, after all.

It'll be down to you to build and decorate your tavern, but then also managing it. You'll have to hire staff, stock the cellar, meet the locals, barter for the best deals, cook meals, and generally keep things running smoothly.

There will be dirt tracked in, glasses (and furniture) broken, things that go off in the larder, fires, and other disasters to contend with along the way too. And that's before we even get onto the patrons.

There's also an intriguing choose-your-own adventure-tyle story to unravel as you build your dream establishment, where you'll get to know various personalities. There's just a hint of that in the cinematic trailer revealed today at the Future Games Show... and wait, is that a dragon?

Tavern Keeper is due to drop on PC via Steam sometime in 2024. Don't forget to wishlist it on Steam to stay up to date with all the developments.

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