Management tools are our best friends, here are 10 you can get at the e27 marketplace

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Management tools

We all need a little help, especially in that search for productivity.

In search for management tools that could help you be more efficient and productive? Here are 10 available at the e27 marketplace:


1. Data management

Service description: Receive thousands of lines of data on a daily basis that need tidying up? Free up your team’s time and outsource it to our human workforce. With collaborate technology and project managers to streamline and quality control work, get the best value with top notch output.

Posted by: Supahands

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2. Artificial Intelligence-based Marketing

Service description: Artificial Intelligence based Marketing Solutions for Businesses
Posted by: Monk Al

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3. Big Data & Blockchain

Service Description: To research epidemiology and public health information.
To enhance R&D Lab for analyzing chronic diseases, major diseases, & mental health
increase public WELLNESS & workforce – focusing on health programs, population wellness awareness/training, and providing diseases intelligence services.

Posted by: Cygen Group

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4. Association & Chamber of Commerce Management Cloud Solution

Service description: Unlock new paths for growth and collect membership dues with a first-class cloud platform that consolidates all of your operations in one place.

Posted by: EventBank

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5. Personal Finance Management Apps

Service description: Aplikasi Finansialku help you to manage and plan your personal finance. You can try our free trial for 30 days. Available in Indonesia only.

Posted by: Finansialku

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6. Abhisi Customer Support Desk

Service description: Abhisi lets you provide timely personalized support to your customers while being incredibly simple to use for you and your team. If you are using Gmail or other email clients give Abhisi a try and see how much time, effort and hassle it saves you. Abhisi lets you provide support from all sources – email, Twitter, Facebook and more – to make your team’s life easy and your customers happy. Because happy customers grow your business.

Posted by: Abhisi Help Desk

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7. Property Management System

Service description: Landlords is a property management startup that offers management-related tools and services such as payment collection and tenants management online.

Posted by: Landlords

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8. ElixirData – Modern Data Integration Platform

Service description: Automated big data as a service. Integrate raw data, stream data into data pipeline, deploy on-premises, public cloud within 14 minutes.

Posted by: XenonStack

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9. NexaStack – Unified DevOps Platform

Service description: A unifying DevOps platform to automate, monitor, and analyse your application delivery. It accelerates your data driven application delivery with proper visibility and security. Provision, configure and manage infrastructure to enable collaboration and automation for more faster and reliable software delivery.

Posted by: XenonStack

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10. Gonet System

Service description: Gonet system is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. Gonet software integrates all facets of an operation — including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing — in a single database, application and user interface.

Posted by: Bolehbuka Digital Indonesia

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