Manchester Film Festival to feature three Ukrainian movies

Trailer for the movie Forever-Forever
Trailer for the movie Forever-Forever

Ukrainian films Forever-Forever, Dovbush, and Do You Love Me? will be screened at the Manchester Film Festival, which will take place on March 15-24, Ukraine’s State Film Agency announced on March 13.

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The entries will be screened in the Narrative Feature program.


directed by Anna Buryachkova

The film tells the story of Tonia, who changes schools, moving from downtown Kyiv to the capital’s outskirts. There, she finds herself in a group of desperate young people. The girl falls in love, finds new friends, and gets into a love triangle.


directed by Oles Sanin

In the Carpathian Mountains in early 18th century, the cruel rule of local gentry forced the Hutsuls to flee to the mountains. Two brothers, Oleksa and Ivan Dovbush, become partisans to take revenge for the murder of their father, but along the way they become enemies to each other.

Do you love me?

directed by Tonya Noyabryova

17-year-old Kira lives in Kyiv. Her father is a film director, head of a relatively wealthy household. Her parents love their daughter, and the girl studies at the Kyiv Theater School and occasionally has fun with her friends. However, the illusion of comfortable life shatters with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Turns out that the pater familias has a mistress, and no one wants to see his movies anymore. Kira falls in love with Misha, a paramedic, and moves into a communal apartment. She finally begins exploring what real life is.

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