Manchester United feature in 'absolute cringe' bank advert

Ed Woodward and an ICICI advertisement.

Manchester United feature in one of the most embarrassing footballing adverts ever.

United are now more famous for their off-pitch success than for what they achieve on it, which makes the advertisement doubly cringeworthy. Since Alex Ferguson has retired, United have won the FA Cup under Louis van Gaal, as well as the League Cup and Europa League with Jose Mourinho.

But the Premier League has escaped them as Leicester City, Manchester City and Chelsea have all topped the league since 2013.

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Before the end of the summer transfer window, there were reports that Ed Woodward was no longer prepared to splash the cash in order to support Mourinho. The Portuguese manager wanted a central defender and right winger, but had to settle for Lee Grant, Diogo Dalot and Fred.

Despite Woodward’s apparent parsimony, the club continue to increase their revenue off the pitch. The stock is at all time highs, and sponsorship deals keep the bottom line healthy.

It comes as a price, though, as a recent advert for an Indian bank shows, as a young man impresses with a United-branded debit card issued by ICICI Bank.

As you can see, fans were less than impressed with the effort.

United boast sponsorship deals with noodle partners, tractor manufacturers and paint producers, so this may simply be the start of things to come.

They aren’t the only club with embarrassing promotions, as Etisalat demonstrated with their congratulatory message for Manchester City following their title victory last season.

As revenue increases in football with every passing year, there is doubtless more to come from United, City, and any other club offered enough cash to make it worth their while.