Mandatory registration of e-scooters by end-2018: Lam Pin Min

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    I started to walk towards the bus at a bus stop, and an e-scooter going way above 25 kph missed me by inches. The sidewalks are no longer safe. How will registration prevent accidents? These people don't slow down at crowded bus stops.
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    I regularly see one e-scooter user wearing full face motorcycle helmet in Bedok.
    My suspicion is that when langgar someone, this rider intend to run away.
    I hope I won't be made to apologize for my suspicions.
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    Justice Pao
    "This comes on top of existing requirements for owners to ensure that their e-scooters do not exceed 20kg in maximum laden weight; 700mm in maximum width; and 25km in maximum device speed."

    This regulation is quite silly. The law should be designed such that it punishes riders for their reckless behaviour. It should not penalise the vehicle. If you use this logic, then powerful cars should not be allowed on our roads.
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    "This comes on top of existing requirements for owners to ensure that their e-scooters do not exceed 20kg in maximum laden weight...." This is kind of strange on the words laden and unladen. Because any person ,except some kids,standing on the e-scooters will generally exceed the 20kg limit.
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    “Registering e-scooters will help deter reckless behaviour, accord more responsibility to the users and facilitate enforcement officers in tracking down errant users,”

    Does this "registration" mean license fees will be imposed and collected??
    So are we also waiting for COE to be implemented....??? It seems that the Government always Run Out of MONEY.
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    1. Accidents had happened and lives had been damaged/lost. Yet the registration can wait?
    2. Registration has little or no impact. Regulation and enforcement is the way to go.

    3. Many of these riders are not even old enough to get a driving license. A e-PMD in their hands is as dangerous as them operating car and/or motorcycle,
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    Why not just reduce the speed limit of e-scooter form 25 Km to just 15 Km as they are to be used in the pedestrian pathway? Do LTA aware that licencing them will involve a large among of works?
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    Soon there may be compulsory insurance, service inspection or maybe COE to all the PMD users. All these cost money, so it is back to square. I only suspect hor, hope I do not need to say sorry.
  • k
    1) At their youth they ride e-scooter.
    2) At middle age they ride e-bicycle.
    3) At old age they ride e-wheelchair.
    They forgot how to walk, ends up with all kind of illness, and saddle the society their indulgence. Just like the share bicycle , the system needs to be regulated as it sufface in the irresponsibility of it's user.
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    what are the punishments for reckless riders ??