Mandatory registration of e-scooters by end-2018: Lam Pin Min

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    "This comes on top of existing requirements for owners to ensure that their e-scooters do not exceed 20kg in maximum laden weight...." This is kind of strange on the words laden and unladen. Because any person ,except some kids,standing on the e-scooters will generally exceed the 20kg limit.
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    Soon there may be compulsory insurance, service inspection or maybe COE to all the PMD users. All these cost money, so it is back to square. I only suspect hor, hope I do not need to say sorry.
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    “Registering e-scooters will help deter reckless behaviour, accord more responsibility to the users and facilitate enforcement officers in tracking down errant users,”

    Does this "registration" mean license fees will be imposed and collected??
    So are we also waiting for COE to be implemented....??? It seems that the Government always Run Out of MONEY.
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    what benefit? I thought u were encouraging ppl to walk more?? u seem to be encouraging obesity now!!
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    The e scooters will die a natural death as the e bikes. You want us to bring the e scooters to the centres to be weighed and measured ? Anyway we can revert back to cycling again.
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    I regularly see one e-scooter user wearing full face motorcycle helmet in Bedok.
    My suspicion is that when langgar someone, this rider intend to run away.
    I hope I won't be made to apologize for my suspicions.
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    Register e-scoot and not ban them altogether (PMDs) because Uber Eats mostly use e-scoot right? That's why cannot ban right? Regulation for death by reckless behaviour must be put upfront to protect other road users! If these e-scoot idiots are still riding hacked scoots speeding dangerously and recklessly causing themselves to be smashed dead, I think others shall not be made to bear that responsibility! Otherwise we are just looking at more and more so called "authorise" death by reckless behaviour!
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    Laws must insist that riders are properly insured so that unfortunate victims can be compensated.
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    To allow more people to be killed first? Why the delay when they have been proven to be a social menace when they were allowed in even without informing the public nor was there any consultation.
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    what are the punishments for reckless riders ??